Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is the most versatile insulation available today. Spray foam is a polyurethane foam, used extensively in modern society and most familiar to us as the filling in our upholstery, mattresses and sound proofing in our cars etc. It is used in insulation in 2 main types, open cell spray foam and closed cell spray foam.

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Open cell spray foam insulation expands to over 200 times its size when applied and is ideal for use in your home as when applied it fills every nook and cranny creating a airtight envelope. Coveted for it thermal conductivity and airtightness open cell spray foam also allows your timbers to breathe which is necessary to prevent damp and condensation build up.

This is achieved because the cells are open allowing water vapour to escape to the outside air. Under Part L of the Irish Building Regulations a 500mm air gap must be maintained between roofing felt and insulation material to allow water vapour to escape.

We achieve this by attaching CPI Foam's unique 'breathable vent card' to your rafters them applying the spray foam insulation directly on the semi permeable vent card. Using spray foam insulation in your attic dramatically reduces heat loss and is the most cost effective form of insulation available in Ireland today.

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Closed cell spray foam insulation differs from open cell as its cells are closed and it expands to only 20-30 times size. It is used on any type of metal, asbestos wall or roofing or concert surface and is mainly used in agricultural, commercial and industrial applications.

In Ireland close cell spray foam insulation is used in shed insulation primarily. It is quick to apply and forms a dense rigid covering after application.

Closed cell spray foam has excellent thermal properties and can be applied on supporting beams to eliminate cold bridging. With new EU regulation for commercial and agricultural building expected soon, closed cell spray foam insulation provides a cost effect solution to these CO2 emission inspired regulations.

We use CPI Spray foam insulation Ireland's' leading supplier of both open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation products.

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