Cavity Wall Insulation Costs

The cost of having your home insulated with cavity wall insulation depends on a number of factors.

How much does cavity wall insulation cost?

Cavity Wall Insulation Costs Depend on:

1. The type of home to be insulated and when it was constructed.

There are a few different periods when cavity wall insulation was used in home construction, pre-1978, 1978-1982, 1983-1993, 1994-2004, 2005 - onwards, so the period of construction will determine how much bonded bead is needed. Also if it is a detached home or bungalow.

2. The size of the cavity to be filled.

We will need to determine the size of the cavity to be filled. We do this by drilling a hole in the wall or looking at the gap behind your electrical box to determine the area needed to be filled.

3. How long it takes to do the job.

This is very obvious but the more time we spend on site the more labor cost we have to pay which increases the price for you. We are thankfully very efficient and spend as little time as needed on site reducing the overall costs for you.

4. How long it take for us to get to travel to your home.

The length of time it takes us to get to and return back to base will add to the price of insulating your home. We are based on the Mayo Sligo border in Barrackstown, Corballa, so the closer to us you are the less time we spend traveling.

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Is there a government grant?

Yes there is a €400 SEAI government grant available for cavity wall insulation. We are registered SEAI contractors and can apply for the grant on your behalf.

What area do you cover?

We cover the whole of Sligo Mayo and are based on the Sligo Mayo Border in Barrackstown, Corballa, Co. Sligo.

Does cavity wall insulation cause damp?

It can cause damp if installed incorrectly. We make sure that it is installed correctly.

What's the best cavity wall insulation?

We believe that Kore Fill Bonded Beads are the best, the are also NSAI Certified.

Commitment to excellence.

As installers we are audited by NSAI annually to verify that we comply with the NSAI approval scheme for cavity wall insulation scheme.

We are registered as approved installers by SEAI.

We are one of the founding members of the NIAI of Ireland which aims to raise standards in the insulation industry in Ireland.

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Wall Insulation Grants

Under SEAI's Better Energy Homes Scheme a grant of €400 is available to insulate your walls and a further €50 towards a BER. As registered SEAI contractors we can apply for these grants on your behalf. For more information visit our grants page.

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At Brusna Energy Solutions we aim to meet the highest possible standards in everything we do. We adhere to the NSAI Standards.

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NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) is Ireland's official standards body.

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