What is the Climate Change Plan?

The Cimate Change Plan introduces stricter requirements for new builds and substantial refurbishments. The plan proposes that approx 500,000 existing homes are upgraded to a B2 (BER).

This will involve upgrading insulation levels and installing a heat pump.

The idea is that we build a supply chain and a model for aggregation where home retrofits are grouped together to allow this level of activity to be funded and delivered.

The goal is to achieve the insulation upgrades and install approx 400,000 heat pumps by 2030.

The total cost of this project is approx €54 billion. The idea is that everyone's home will be upgraded and you'll for the upgrade as part of your heating bills, which will now be considerably lower because of the upgrades. We will keep you informed about any further updates as they are known.

Here is a map or the area we cover

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NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) is Ireland's official standards body.

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