Reduces your heating bills – improves the BER rating, thus increasing the value of your home -creating a warm healthy linving environment for you and your family


We use Earth Wool/Mineral Wool on the Attic Ceiling and Open Cell Spray Foam on the rafters

Insulating Your Attic

Insulating your attic is the simplest and most cost effective form of insulating your home. 30% of your heating is lost through poorly insulated attics. By Insulating your attic you  reduce your home heating bills. Improve your BER rating. Increase the value of your home  and creates a warm healthy living environment for you and your family. 

Attic Insulation Requirements: The minimum level of insulation requied by NSAI standards for an attic is 300mm(adhering to best practice and Building Regulations).

What happens next:

A member of our Sales/Surveying team will arrange a callout to your home with you to carry out a free attic insulation survey to determine the existing level of insulation and measure how much is required for a suitable upgrade to the required 300mm standard. Our Sales/Survey team will review the ventilation options required

Attic Insulation

Attic before wireAttic after wire
Attic before coverAttic with tank covered
Attic before insulationAttic after insulation

Attic Before Insulation

Attic After Insulation

Water Tank without Storage Jacket

Water Tank with Storage Jacket

Attic Before Insulation

Attic After Insulation

Improve your BER

Create a warm environment for your home and family

Reduce your heating bills

Increase the value of your home

Building Regulations Compliant

Ventilation of Roof Space

We look at the ventilation of the roof space so that we comply with Part F of Building Regulations. We generally improve roof ventilation by either installing additional soffit vents or adding Slate/Tile vents.

We then install a raised walkway for safe access to the water tanks and exposed pipework. We draft proof the attic hatch to prevent cold air leaking into your home.

All our attic installs are carried out in accordance with NSAI S.R.54:2014 Code of Practice for the energy efficient retrofit of dwellings.

Pipe Insulation

Pipe Insulation

The pipe’s and pipe fittings in the attic are insulated to the specifications required by the SEAI



Mineral Wool-Fibre Glass

We use Earth Wool/Mineral Wool to insulate the floor of the attic which is insulated to a minimum specification of 300mm as required by the SEAI.


Lagging jacket

Cold Water Storage Jacket

The cold water storage tank in the attic is insulated using Cold Water Lagging Jacket, approved by the SEAI. We carry a range of sizes to fit all tank sizes.

Building Standards Compliant

CPI Spray Foam Insulation

We can also insulate your attic using open cell spray foam insulation, supplied by industry leader CPI Foam. Employing CPI Foam’s unique ‘breathable vent card system’ ensures Part L of the Building Standards is met with a 50mm air gap between roofing felt and insulation.

CPI spray foam card for insulation

Vent Card

Firstly the vent card is attached to the rafter 50mm from the felt.

Spray Foam Attic Insulation with Brusna Energy Solutions

Application of Spray Foam

The spray foam is applied at a depth sufficient for your insulation needs.

Spray Foam in attic


Spray foam creates an airtight envelope whilst allowing your home to ‘breathe’.